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Let’s Compare The Physical Condition Of Young Americans In 1962 To Today

Let’s Compare The Physical Condition Of Young Americans In 1962 To The Physical Condition Of Young Americans Today

There was a reason why we were once so respected by the rest of the world. Once upon a time, Americans were incredibly sharp mentally, emotionally and physically. A few days ago, video footage of what high school physical education was like in California in 1962 was brought to my attention. As I watched the video, I could hardly believe my eyes. Every single one of the kids was in immaculate physical condition, and they performed their drills with military precision. After watching this video, I knew that I had to share it with my readers.

Can you imagine what would happen if a school district tried to implement such a program in 2022?

It would be unthinkable for us to try to get our kids to do such drills, and of course the vast majority of them simply wouldn’t be physically capable of doing them anyway.

But why can’t we have a society where our young people are in prime physical condition?

The video that you just watched proves that it is possible.

Today, our young people may not be able to run very fast or climb very high, but they are masters at whining and complaining.

And some of them will get extremely upset with you if you do not use the correct pronouns when addressing them.

But when it comes to physical fitness, that is not really an important priority.

With each passing year, the obesity crisis in this country gets even worse. Today, 15.5 percent of our high school students are officially obese and an additional 16.1 percent are overweight…

According to the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), 15.5% of high school students had obesity and an additional 16.1% were overweight. The information from YRBSS is based on a survey of participating states and uses self-reported information.

Needless to say, this is causing a lot of problems.

For example, at this point approximately a third of all military recruits are turned away because they simply weigh too much

Of course one of the primary reasons why we have such a problem is because many of the things that we eat and drink are incredibly fattening and ingredients that are highly addictive are often added to them on purpose.

In my opinion, our food manufacturers should get more blame than anyone else for this crisis.

But it is also true that Americans are becoming increasingly lazy with each passing year.

As I stated yesterday, we don’t have to live like this.

We can do so much better.

Previous generations of Americans held themselves to very high standards, and that had very positive ripple effects throughout our society.

We can have that kind of society again, but that definitely is not going to happen if we stay on the path that we are currently on.


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