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Death, Destruction And Violence Everywhere You Look…

I have been called a “doom and gloomer” because I talk honestly about the things that are going on in our world. But I am not actually a “doom and gloomer” at all.

In fact, I am wildly optimistic about the future. Every piece of “bad news” is also a piece of “great news” if you look at it from the proper perspective. All of human history has been building up to a grand crescendo, and we get to be here for it. So even though there is death, destruction and violence all around us, this is not the end. Once we get through the “birth pains” that we are experiencing now, everything will be completely different. But it is certainly true that we have a whole lot of pain to go through before we get there. The “perfect storm” that we are experiencing now will greatly intensify, and one major crisis is just going to lead directly into the next one.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. We were originally told that the unprecedented environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio only killed a few thousand animals, but now officials are admitting that more than 40,000 animals have died

Last week, officials said they believed that the Ohio train derailment had killed 3,500 aquatic animals. On Thursday, they provided a new estimate, pushing the total to more than 43,700 animals within a 5-mile area. Mary Mertz, director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said on Thursday that the new estimate comes amid updated calculations.

Sadly, the final death toll is likely to be far, far higher.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that a mysterious “white dust” has been falling out of the sky in West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania…

At this point, it is unclear if this “white dust” has anything to do with the disaster in East Palestine.

Hopefully there is no connection.

One thing that I have noticed is that many people will descend into fits of rage at the smallest provocation these days.

Right now, a video of a student beating a teacher to a pulp because she took away his Nintendo Switch is going viral all over social media

Sadly, this is far from an isolated incident.

At this point, wild school brawls have become increasingly common all over America.

Here is just one example

Of course our schools are just a reflection of what is going on in our society as a whole.

Violence is everywhere, and media coverage of one major shooting just bleeds over into coverage of the next one.

Just a little while ago, a shopping mall in Syracuse, New York had to be evacuated because of shots that were fired there…

Over in Europe, officials are trying to figure out why excess deaths are absolutely soaring all over the continent.

What in the world could possibly be causing this to happen?

Speaking of Europe, someone apparently decided that it would be a good idea for the U.S. to fly B-52 bombers that are capable of dropping nuclear warheads within a couple hundred kilometers of the Russian border

And a military official in Austria just publicly admitted something that he was not supposed to admit

As I discussed earlier today, we really are on the brink of global war.

The Chinese claim they want peace, but they have been preparing for war too

Meanwhile, on Russian television pundits are actually talking about “waking up” the Yellowstone supervolcano with nukes…

Over the past several years, we have seen so much death, destruction and violence.

But so much more is on the way.

We truly do live in apocalyptic times, and I fully expect global events to accelerate even more during the months ahead.


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